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Where Clubs Discover Hidden Basketball talents.

At OnlineSportsTalent, we're dedicated to changing the way clubs discover hidden exceptional talents. Talents you might not have been part of the drafting processes or left over. Our platform is designed with one goal in mind: to connect clubs with sports talents that have the potential to make a difference, without an agent or middleman thus giving you access to unknown and possible big talents.

Why Choose OnlineSportsTalent?

  • Hidden Potential - Explore untapped talents from your sport. Our initial focus on prominent sports ensures you access a pool of exceptional athletes who are eager to elevate your team's performance. And we know, that many areas have excess talents who cannot get a professional career locally. Ex. all the college basketball players in US who are not drafted to NBA or farm leagues – or high school players you cannot get into colleges for different reasons – or want to make a salary instead of a no pay in colleges.

Largest sports OnlineSportsTalent are planning to open:

  • Basketball - A sport with an abundance of exceptional talent in North America, which also holds promising opportunities in Europe. Dive into the sea of exceptional talents from North America, where extraordinary potential awaits.
  • Icehockey - Tap into the immense talent pool found in North America and the Baltic Sea region. Strengthen your team with individuals at a very heigh level.
  • Soccer/Football - Explore opportunities beyond borders with talents hailing from Africa, South America, and beyond. Even in regions without fully professional leagues, our platform connects you with players who can elevate your team's performance.
  • Handball - The Scandinavian countries are renowned for their surplus of exceptional handball talents ready to take on a new challenge in a foreign country. Handball is expanding fast internationally and economically and is an Olympic sport

How We Make It Happen:

  • Diverse Talent Pool
    Our platform offers a curated selection of talents in your sport - and with less importance for you across various sports, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your team's needs. But the more success for OnlineSportsTalent in more sports this will attract more talents to every sport we are going to open.
  • Verified Profiles
    Every talent on our platform undergoes a verification process powered by artificial intelligence (AI) as possible, without violating the European GDPR rules. Rest assured, you're connecting with athletes who possess the skills and dedication your team need.
  • OnlineSportsAgent is the seamless Communication
    Connect directly with talents. Our platform facilitates smooth communication, allowing you to explore potential collaborations without intermediaries from agents or middlemen, neither the expensive fees. OnlineSportsTalent is the agent !

How We Make It Happen:

OnlineSportsTalent is a platform under construction, for the love of sport and dreams of athletes. And to support the clubs in building competitive teams. We're committed to improvement, but sometimes you will experience flaws when we build out the site. Rest sure that we do it on purpose to make the platform better. During our initial phase, our services are absolutely free. However, once we reach a certain threshold, we will establish a fair pricing structure based on the value that OnlineSportsTalent brings to the table.

For all clubs or organizations this service is free for 6 months. After this this OnlineSportsTalent might charge a low fee based on the value OnlineSportsTalent is building. And if you sign on a sports talent we charge nothing.